Dr Amanda E. Smith


Menopause, PMS,

Sexual & Relationship Therapy

Flushes / sweats ? 

Brain fog / low mood / anxiety ?

Vaginal / bladder problems / painful sex ?

Worsening headaches / migraines ?

Joint / muscle aches and pains ?

 Worsening premenstrual syndrome ?

These are some of the more common menopause related symptoms.....

Struggling with sexual and / or relationship problems ?



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Three generations of women

Education and Information


Opening Hours

Menopause and PMS clinics: Thursday evenings between 16.00 and 20.00

Sexual and Relationship therapy: Tuesday evenings, Friday afternoons.


Latest News

Thankfully, the Covid situation is improving as the vaccine rollout continues apace. See the pages for each service I provide for details of how to make an appointment.



"I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Amanda Smith for giving me my life back... I was at my final straw and not coping with life. I felt like I was existing and not living. This has now totally changed my life, being on HRT. I finally feel alive again... This is the best thing that I’ve have done for my self finding such a great Dr who actually listened to me" SC