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Menopause, PMS,
Sexual and  Relationship Therapy

I aim to provide expert, empathic care tailored to your needs


Women and menopause

Education and Information

Woman and menopause
Menopause Education

Clinic Appointment Times

Menopause and PMS appointments: Tuesday evenings between 15.30 and 20.00

Sexual and Relationship therapy: Thursday evenings between 19.00 and 21.00,

Friday afternoons between 14.30 and 17.00


News - new treatment option for flushes and sweats

Fezolinetant is the first Neurokinin 3 receptor antagonist to be licensed in the UK. Its an oral tablet which helps manage flushes and sweats, the commonest menopause symptoms, by altering brain neurotransmitter levels.

Because its non-hormonal, it can be an option for women who cannot or don't want to take HRT, giving them more options. 

Its expected to be available on private prescription from mid-January 2024 at a cost of about £45-50 per month (not including pharmacy dispensing fee).

Before a decision is made as to whether it will be available on NHS prescription in the future, a NICE Technology Appraisal will review its clinical and cost effectiveness.


''Thank you for you help and assistance in helping me to sort out the right HRT regime for me. I really appreciate the knowledge and support'' BC Oct 2023

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