Menopause, PMS,

Sexual & Relationship Therapy

Dr Amanda E. Smith,
Menopause Expert, 
Sexual & Relationship Therapist

Flushes / sweats? 

Brain fog / low mood?

Vaginal / bladder problems? Painful sex?

Worsening migraines? 

Premenstrual syndrome?

These are some of the more common menopause related symptoms.....

Struggling with sexual and / or relationship problems ?



Education and Information


Opening Hours

Menopause and PMS clinics: Thursday evenings between 16.00 and 20.00

Sexual and Relationship therapy: Tuesday evenings, Friday morning and afternoons.


Latest News

During these continuing times of social distancing, testing and contact tracing 

related to Covid19, I am providing initial consultations using 

secure video conferencing technology.


"I can't thank you enough for today. After going backwards and forwards to my G.P and not really getting anywhere I was at a loss and wasn't sure who to turn to next. I'm absolutely delighted with the outcome. I felt very comfortable and found it really easy to talk to you about my problems... 

...Menopause is such a mystery, hardly anyone talks about it...In my experience we need more than a GP's advice about menopause and treatments, I didn't even know that you could have estrogen cream or that I had vaginal atrophy,

I'd never heard of any of these" JB

''I just wanted to say thank you. I feel like a new person. All my aches and pains have gone, I feel present and confident and like me again.
I really can’t believe how quickly things have changed.
Contacting you was the best decision I have made'' DN

"I’m a previous NHS patient. Thanks to your expertise all my menopausal symptoms have gone and I feel fabulous. Please can you notify me when you will be seeing patients so that I can continue with my prescribed treatment as unfortunately my surgery not going to prescribe the Tostran gel. Feel our general practitioners not knowledgeable in this subject...Having built a relationship of confidence and trust with you feel more comfortable with continuing my care plan with you" RM

"Dr Amanda Smith clearly is passionate about providing person centred menopause advice and information. Able to tailor to individual needs, I was soon feeling much more like my old self again" SB



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