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Education and Information


As publicity about the menopause increases and the taboos are broken down, more and more women are seeking help from their primary care clinician. 


Dr Amanda can arrange to come to GP practices and other healthcare groups to facilitate an update on Menopause / PMS. She can also facilitate information sessions for community groups.

Recent education engagements:

  • October 2023 and March 2024'Menopause and the workplace' in person session for staff of a local council

  • June 2023: Guest on Spire Radio's David Freeman Live Show with Teresa from the Goldsmith Clinic, Chesterfield 

  • March 2023:Facebook Live Event with Teresa from the Goldsmith Clinic, Chesterfield 

  • October 2022'Menopause and the Workplace'. Online talk plus Q&A for staff and clients of a Yorkshire and Humberside Business

  • September 2022In person menopause talk plus Q&A for patients of a Derbyshire GP practice

  • March 2022'Understanding Menopause and how it can affect sex life'

online talk plus Q&A for deaf and hard of hearing women (Deaf-initely Women)

  • October 2021'Sex, Relationships and the Menopause'. Online session for local women's group

  • June 2021'Menopause for the Non-menopausal' online talk plus Q&A for staff of local NHS trusts and CCG

  • April and May 2021:'Relationships, Intimacy and the Menopause' online talk plus Q&A for staff of two local NHS trusts


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