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Sexual / Relationship Therapy

How talking therapy can help:

A fulfilling sex life is an enjoyable and important part of healthy human life and relationships. However many people experience relationship and or sexual concerns at some point in their lives. There are many reasons why this can happen. Examples include relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, gender identity, sexual orientation, illness, disability and medication.

I understand that relationship and sexual problems can be complicated, worrying and embarrassing to talk about. I aim to create a relaxed, safe, confidential environment to put my clients at ease, give them the time and space needed to explore difficulties and find ways to resolve them.

This is talking therapy,

however I may give clients activities to do in privacy at home.

My integrative approach means I use a range of validated therapies (psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioural, mindfulness) to respond to clients' specific circumstances.

I work at my clients' pace so they don't feel rushed or pressured to come back unnecessarily.

I am a senior accredited member of The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (CoSRT) and abide by their code of ethics.


My room, located in Chesterfield, has access to free parking and also toilet facilities.

There is a step up into my room but the door is wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through.

I can also offer online talking therapy using secure video conferencing software.

What to expect at your first session:

The first few sessions are called an assessment when I will ask questions about your problems and how it is affecting your relationship and life. I might also ask about other aspects of your life now and in the past. It's also an opportunity for you to decide if we can work positively together - that all important therapeutic relationship.

At the end of the assessment I will discuss therapy options tailored to your particular circumstances. You will be fully involved in deciding management options and you don't have to continue if you don't want to.

I will encourage those in a relationship to attend with their partner because problems hardly ever belong to any one partner. However I'm happy to see clients not currently in a relationship or those who prefer to see a therapist on their own.

How many sessions are you likely to need:

Therapy programmes are typically 6-12 sessions but can be shorter, or take longer for more complex problems.

Sessions are either weekly or fortnightly (depending on clients schedules and appointment availability) and usually last about 50 minutes.

Some of the problems clients raise include the following:

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Loss of interest or enjoyment in sex

  • Reduced libido

  • Problems with erections

  • Ejaculation earlier or later than wanted

  • Difficulty reaching climax/orgasm

  • Pain associated with sex

  • Problems with penetration

  • Problems associated with infertility, menopause, PMS, pregnancy, childbirth, sexually transmitted infections

  • Problems associated with bereavement, cultural, religious issues

  • Gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation

  • Concerns about ones own or partner's sexual practices, sexual behaviour


How to arrange a Sexual / Relationship Therapy Appointment

You can contact me by phone, voicemail, email or text.

We can have a brief phone discussion about your requirements and do a Covid risk assessment if we decide in-person appointments are the most appropriate.

For video sessions, I offer an initial free video meeting of 20 min to discuss the issues you wish to address, also so you can to try out whether video therapy is likely to suit your needs.

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